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I love all Japanese tattoos but have a particular fondness for the weird and wacky legends and mythological creatures. I spend a lot of time researching these so if you're only familiar with the classics like the Koi fish or Dragon but want something a bit out of the ordinary I'd love to help. Wether you have a meaning you'd like to portray and want some options for the symbolism, or would just like to hear some crazy ghost stories and learn about the various mythological creatures and deities I can run you through their history and meanings as well as what they look like and how to turn them into a killer tattoo. 

My approach to Japanese tattooing is much more contemporary, taking a more realistic drawing approach than the classic Kuniyoshi inspired woodblock print style. That said I have a huge respect for the culture and history and I try to keep as true to the stories, seasons, traditions and rules as possible. If you'd like to learn more just fill out a form below or come by my shop Till Death Tattoo in Newmarket Train Station Square Auckland, so we can start planning your next tattoo! 

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