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ANIME TATTOOS!.... and a few gaming ones... ok you got me, I'm a nerd. 

I love anime tattoos, gaming tattoos, comic book tattoos, classic 90's cartoon character tattoos, you name it if they're an awesome character you should let me tattoo them on you. They're so much fun to tattoo, it's like doing a portrait of your favourite celebrity, but you can get creative with it instead of just sticking to the photo, reimagining them in dramatic action poses, or even fusing them with other amazing characters.

It doesn't matter if you'd like that iconic manga panel recreated line for line, a custom action pose or a character mashup, I always aim to accurately bring your chosen character to life, but as you'll see above I like my tattoos to look like tattoos. Bold lines, bright colours, whip shading and skin breaks, all the fundamentals of traditional tattoos to make sure it's going to stay looking like that character forever. Because let's face it, when you're telling the kids how cool Vegeta is in 40 years, if he's a faded blob they aren't gonna believe you. So fill out the form below or come by my tattoo shop Till Death in Newmarket, Auckland and we'll talk about how to make you the most badass nerd in town. 

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