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A Bit About Me

Hi I'm Brock, local weirdo who loves all things nerdy and making tattoos for rad humans. 

I've been tattooing since 2009 back in Christchurch, moved to Auckland after the earthquakes and after working at a few other studios opened Till Death Tattoo back in 2015. Now I get to make every day fun thanks to my amazing clients working only on the subject matter I enjoy most - Anime and video game characters, and Japanese inspired tattoos. 

Outside of work I love watching anime - my favourite genres being Seinen/Psychological/Dark Fantasy with anime like Evangelion, Parasyte, Re:Zero and Erased making the top of my list, but I still enjoy a good Shonen and I'm a huge fan of more fun and crazy shows like Konosuba and Gurren Lagann (or anything by Studio Trigger for that matter).  

I'm a big gamer too - Tekken being the franchise I've committed the most time to, playing regular tournaments at a pretty high level as a Kunimitsu main, but I'm currently obsessed with Genshin Impact, and love any good Action/ARPG/JRPG like the Final Fantasy Series, Witcher 3, Persona 5R, God of War, and Elden Ring. 

When I'm not consuming anime, video game, manga or manwha material I'm studying Japanese and learning about not just the language but the history and mythology that Japanese tattooing is based on. I always get excited when I find a new kami, yokai or yurei (essentially god, monster or ghost) story, and love incorporating lesser known side of Japanese folklore into my work. 

Anything from the above is always a big win for me with tattoo requests, I try to prioritize working on pieces I'm most passionate about to get the best results but I always do my homework and have discovered some of my favourites thanks to client suggestions! Whatever you're after if it's nerdy or Japanesey and I can do my thing with it, I look forward to working with you. 

Wanna get a tattoo? Here's how it works! 

Booking Process

Design process

Tattoo process

Fill out the form below with as much information as you can. 

Things like the character or creature you want tattooed are essential but if you have poses, expressions or colour schemes you like that can be handy too. The more info the better! 

I suck at admin and don't have an assistant so please be patient! Once I get back to you we can talk about ideas more until we're both happy and on the same page and find a date to book you in. 

As a general rule the more artistic freedom I have the cooler the design comes out. If i'm not bound by a lot of restrictions I try a ton of concepts until I find one that makes me super excited but I understand if you have things you're particular about! 

I have a huge backlog and spend 15-20+ hours on a lot my designs but I always aim to get designs done around 1-2 weeks before the appointment to allow for changes if necessary so you're totally happy before the day.


These always include a finished line design but if time permits I like to do a colour study or even a 3D rendered mock up when I can too. 

I head in in the morning and get everything cleaned, set up and ready for the day. When you get in around 12pm I'll print your design out at a bunch of different sizes so we can hold it up and you can see in the mirror the rough size and placement.

Once you're happy with that I'll prepare a carbon transfer stencil to apply to your skin which will act as my rough sketch to help me get the outlines on there accurately! This can be moved a few times so make sure you're happy with the placement before we start. 

From there we begin the outlines and usually continue until that's complete taking a break for a stretch and some food there. I try to minimize longer breaks but do incorporate little 5 minute ones here and there to give us both a breather. I generally apply a small amount of pain relief products during these breaks to help you through too. 


 My tattoo day usually wraps up around 6-8pm where we take some photos of your new tattoo and put a cover over it. Now you can go and relax and enjoy your new tattoo! 

Let's Get


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